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Billy Bang: Long Over Due

"Sanders structures the film by posing questions of the type which might be asked by a jazz journalist, using the most eloquent and revealing answers for each segment...a fitting testament to his legacy."


-John Sharpe for New York Jazz Record November 2012


"Writer and director Oscar Sanders uses archival photographs, videos, and the interview technique with the jazz luminaries of the time, to describe who Billy was, and how he affected them and their world. It is a touching film, more of a testimonial, rather than a stark interview, as one by one, they regale the camera, and by proxy, the audience, with tales from the Billy Bang Scrapbook...BILLY BANG: LONG OVER DUE is virtually a love song to a genius that was respected in this field...BILLY BANG: LONG OVER DUE, is a loving, reverent tribute to a musician that should be remembered and celebrated."


Mike Thomasfor March 2013



"WHY HIRE a KILLER? a fantasy/mystery from writer/director Oscar Sanders, is actually a two-character play, a bantering between a protagonist and his antagonist...They play a "cat-and-mouse" game, almost a reverse dialogue game of the much-maligned PSYCHO IV...The story itself is high concept, and well-written."


Mike Thomasfor MatchFlick March 2013



Michael Carvin: No Excuses

"The tour of Manhattan performance venues is fabulous...the story is strong and by the end, one feels the collaboration between the musician and the filmmaker"

-Anders Griffen...
New York Jazz Record

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